5 Easy Ways to Prevent Skin Damage From Sun Exposure

5 Easy Ways to Prevent Skin Damage From Sun Exposure

Did you know that back in 2005, about a million of Americans were diagnosed with some form of skin cancer. Dermatologists have continuously warned people that exposure to the sun can be harmful than a simple sunburn. At worse, it can cause skin cancer.

Despite these, a lot of us are not doing anything to protect our skin against the sun. However, if you are one of those who want to keep their skin healthy and safe from danger, then here are some ways you can enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about too much sun exposure.

1. Stay inside as much as you can.

get inside

If you really need to go out, don’t do it in between 10 am until 4pm because this is the time where the sun’s rays are in its peak of intensity. If this is not possible, then do some cover ups to protect yourself. Take note that not because you wore a hat and overalls, it means you’re safe. Careful when choosing the color of the fabric because dark ones absorb ultraviolet lights more than lighter ones.

2. Make use of sunscreen.

apply sunscreen

Well, what’s the point of making this product, right? If you are wondering about the recommended sun protection factor (SPF) level, it must be at least 15. Also, don’t be stingy on applying your sunscreen just to save costs of buying a new one because not applying it properly reduces its effectiveness as well. If you’re going to swim, then make sure that you buy a waterproof one.

One common mistake some people do is to apply sunscreen right before they go outside. This should not be the case because it doesn’t give enough time for the skin to absorb the sunscreen it must be applied half an hour before exposure. In cases for fair skin, applying them the night before will allow the skin to thoroughly absorb and increase its effectiveness.

3. Don’t forget the usually neglected areas.


Did you know that eight percent of skin cancers occur on the head, neck, and hands? This is because people often forgot to remember these areas even when they’re the ones who get the most exposure to the sun. You may also include the tops of the ears, chest, nose, and top of the feet.

4. Beware of the reflected light.

reflected light

Another thing that always go unnoticed when we’re outside is the light reflected off from the floor and other surfaces that umbrellas can’t protect us from. When you go swimming, you might think that the rays don’t get reflected by the water surface but it can penetrate through it so being under the water won’t be as safe as you think. The same thing goes for clouds as well, it might not be as sunny during cloudy days but it can still affect our skin.

5. Be cautious in taking medications.

taking medications

If you are not aware, there are some drugs that have a side effect of making your skin sensitive to sun exposure, thus increasing your chances of getting sunburnt. It pays to communicate with your doctor about this thing so you may resort to a safer medication.

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