7 Skin Care Excuses That Will Definitely Make Your Skin Look Old

7 Skin Care Excuses That Will Definitely Make Your Skin Look Old

It’s amusing how many of us use products to defy aging. If only we had never committed these skin care mistakes, we would’ve saved our fresh-looking skin from getting older than how it is supposed to be.


“I’m way too sleepy to remove my make-up.”

This is a big no-no and one of the things you’ll definitely regret the morning after. No matter how exhausted you are by the end of the day, make sure to do an effort to remove your make-up. Remember that if it’s made to stay long in your face, we wouldn’t have to remove them forever. So, don’t sacrifice your hour long beauty ritual for a night of sleeping with your makeup on. Or else, the next morning will greet you with clogged pores and newly rise zits.


“I can’t help but pick on my zits.”

We all know it’s hard to resist picking on those zits. But here’s a little thought, think about how your acne feels like you’re petting it by touching it continuously. Picking them won’t make your skin any better but will make it worse as it leaves scars and a possibility for another breakout. Won’t it be a vicious cycle only?


“But this hairstyle suits me.”

This might sound unfortunate if you just found the best hairstyle for you. If your hair falls on your face, you better change that quickly. It only gives oil to our skin which may give rise to acne and we don’t want that to happen, right?


“I can’t go out without makeup.”

Cosmetics aren’t meant to cover up our whole face but to add and enhance our natural beauty. Wearing too much of it for every single day will only ruin our youthful skin because no matter how much it says it contains organic products, it still has harmful contents that we haven’t even heard during Chemistry class.


“I’m skipping sunscreen because I’m not going to the beach.”

Or some of us still don’t apply it even when we’re going to get exposed under the summer heat due to laziness. Aside from the chances of getting sunburn, the sun’s rays slowly destroys our skin especially on the time of the day where the heat intensifies.


“It’s okay to rub the skin around my eyes.”

Our skin is our largest organ and we should not – or never – treat it roughly. Sometimes, when we apply or remove our makeup, we tend to rub the area around our eyes. Did you know that this is a delicate part of our face and must be taken care of with gentleness. This mistake earns people with early wrinkles and old saggy skin.


“I thought exfoliating is good for the skin.”

Yes, it is. But over exfoliating is not. This is why skin care guides always say that you must not do this everyday. It only makes your skin thin and you will notice sooner or later that it has become saggy.

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