Microdermabrasion Benefits and Side Effects

Microdermabrasion Benefits and Side Effects

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Cutting-edge innovations of science has been able to render several novel products which could rejuvenate human skin cells – adding up to comfort and luxury.

Beauty is considered to be a natural ornament that makes someone feel confident and boosts her self-esteem. However, dust, pollution and sunlight have proven themselves to be slightly destructive to the beauty of a woman.

Thanks to our scientists,  science have found out ways to make someone look even beautiful in the days to come!

Benefits of Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion treatments are considered as major breakthroughs in the world of beautification and technology. These treatments are widely used in almost all skincare treatment centers in the world. Microdermabrasion’s process is quick, painless, easy and have been proven to be effective in exfoliating the skin abrasions, acne spots and scars.

Well, if you are a person who’s very much acquainted with beauty and skincare products then you should know better.

Lack of skin care might end up undesirable for women – dull, irritated and saggy skin is a total turn-off. That might not be something you are looking forward to…

Microdermabrasion treatments are best when it comes to fighting unsightly conditions of your skin! Microdermabrasion can make the skin look great, balanced and complex. Problem in skins usually are taken from direct sun damage and skin oiliness. Acnes, black heads, white heads and aging could also be counted as factors.

To remove all of these, your best bet is to use a portable microdermabrasion machine.

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A microdermabrasion machine acts on the principle of injecting crystals into your skin and then pulling out your dead skin using suction- which is painless, and causes no discomfort.

The process of microdermabrasion is actually said to be a very safe procedure – with very limited side effects in the outermost layer of your skin.

Best At Home Microdermabrasion Benefits:

  • handy
  • easy to use with guides
  • gentle to skin
  • and most of all, very effective

Microdermabrasion Side Effects

The microdermabrasion procedure, if done improperly, might cause short-term side effects on skin such as tightness of skin, bruises, redness, bleeding spots and minor abrasions. One might even experience cold and sore areas around her lips if it isn’t done without proper care. These microdermabrasion side effects are probably caused by the suction of the device you’re using.

Microdermabrasion treatments can be much more rewarding compared to being alarming. As I’ve said, these effects are all short term so there’s nothing to fear about.

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Human skin is the largest organ of the body but perhaps the most neglected. Since it covers our whole body and acts as our first layer of protection against our environment, it is continuously exposed to the different stimulus of our surroundings. There’s the heat of the sunlight, dust in the streets, natural and synthetic irritants or even the unhealthy food and beverages that we intake. To add with these external factors there are also things going on in our body that affects our outer appearance like hormonal changes or imbalances for one. With these, it is not uncommon to have skin irregularities and imperfections such as blemishes, acne, warts, scars, and pigmentation to name a few.

A balanced diet, healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene can surely improve skin condition but on top of this it is very important to have a good skin care regimen to ensure that our most exposed body part looks good and healthy. There are already a lot of medical procedures and even beauty products available to improve the skin condition but perhaps what’s gaining popularity now in the skin beautification department is microdermabrasion.

Microdermabarasion is the application of tiny grains or very fine materials like crystals to exfoliate the outermost layer of the skin. It is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that gently removes a shallow layering of the skin by rubbing or scrubbing the crystals and for the professional procedure it uses the aid of an air compression tool which acts as vacuum to suck the exfoliated dead skin cells. However this procedure can be done as well without professional help as there are products like scrubs and creams available in the market with microdermabrasion agents, or you can even have a DIY version with materials found at home like a mixture of sugar, natural fruit juices especially from citrus fruits, baking soda and olive or essential oils.

Since microdermabrasion removes the outermost layering of the skin, it leaves a certain tightness, rawness and redness to the area applied to, and also removes the moisture making the skin dry. Thus after the microdermabrasion procedure it is necessary to apply moisturizers to avoid any skin irritation. Also to maintain the effect of this procedure it is advisable to do it regularly to ensure that the skin is continuously producing new and fresh skin cells. However when the best at home microdermabrasion machine is applied with increased pressure or too often, it could lead to bruises and skin discoloration. To add when handled in an unsanitary way it could cause skin infections. However these scenarios are very rare and could easily be prevented as long as the proper procedure and handling are always being followed.

These minor side-effects of microdermabarasion are certainly outweighed by its benefits as it is not only fast and effective, but also safe, painless and affordable. Although there are medical and professional options as mentioned, the beauty products readily available and even the DIY alternative is guaranteed effective and best of all can be done at the comfort of home, at your convenience. With the medical procedure it ensures a worry-free treatment and immediate results since the microdermabrasion tool efficiently and evenly removes the exfoliated skin scrubbed off by the applied crystals. Meanwhile for the home microdermabrasion, it may take a little longer to take effect since you only use your hands to scrub off the product against your skin, it surely is very doable and affordable since you can use it every day and you no longer need to go to any skin salon and pay for their services, products and tools.

As mentioned earlier, microdermabrasion should be done on a regular basis since it only removes the outermost layer of the skin and as the skin regenerates it is important to stimulate the creation of new skin cells as this is what makes the skin look young, refreshed and emit that natural glow. It does not only make the skin look beautiful but more importantly, healthy as well.

It is said that a gorgeous skin is the best accessory and since we wear it every day, let us make an effort to take care of it and protect it the same way it protects us.

All these side effects and benefits of microdermabrasion makes the device totally something to go for – and if you are a person having some beauty issues, you might consider consulting to a dermatologist or try this amazing product and keep it in your own closet.