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The Best Microdermabrasion At Home blog aims to provide honest reviews about beauty and skincare products which gives clear results.  I wish to share skincare ideas which can help improve the quality of your skin and release the inner beauty in you.

About The Best At Home Microdermabrasion

Do you work in a setting wherein you get to face a lot of people? Does your outer appearance concern you not only to look good but most importantly to boost your confidence in facing and dealing with people?

Indeed physical appearance is the first thing that we notice in our surroundings, and usually it’s the beautiful things that first catch our eyes. This is true as well for the people that we meet. There’s no denying that physical beauty is the first thing that attract us to people. That’s why being beautiful is an investment, because it makes us feel comfortable and confident with ourselves and increases our likeability. This is found most useful for those who have client-facing roles like those who work in sales, human resource, and customer service and even in the teaching profession as they have to foster the regard for respect and authority to the students.

However like any investment there is a variety of options available. With the current technology we have, physical beauty can be enhanced and improved from the very simple and affordable regimens to the most complex and expensive procedures. The go-to procedure for most although quite pricey is cosmetic surgery. With this procedure they can alter and fashion any body part according to their desire.

One of the most commonly subjected to cosmetic surgery is the skin. There are several procedures to remove skin imperfections and irregularities or what is called as skin resurfacing, such as laser treatments or the application of short concentrated pulsating beams of light, dermabrasion or the “planing” or the removal of the upper layer of the skin with sandpaper or wire brushes also with the aid of air compression, and chemical peel wherein a chemical solution is applied and left for a certain period of time to the skin area to be corrected.

While these techniques are surely effective, they are only done my medical professionals such as licensed dermatologists as they require certain tools and expertise especially that there are risks involved in removing or correcting skin irregularities like scars, wrinkles and pigmentation. There is actually an alternative procedure called at home microdermabasion which uses tiny grains or crystals to rub against the skin so that the top-most layer of the skin will be gently exfoliated making it look more clean and glowing.

Microdermabrasion is already being done in skin salons where they use tiny crystals usually from diamond or gold to ensure that the exfoliation materials are really optimum and effective. However there are also beauty products containing microdermabrasion agents that are already available in the market so that you can do this at the comfort of home without any professional assistance.

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Imagine no longer going to these salons and not having to pay extra for their services, not to mention their expensive materials. But better than that, you can actually do this simple procedure on your own using alternative materials that can be found at home like sugar, natural fruit juices especially from citrus fruits, baking soda and olive oil. When you mix these products you can already create an organic scrub that has a similar effect to the aforementioned microdermabrasion products. This is truly a very affordable yet effective and also an environment friendly way to have that radiant and flawless skin of your dreams.

Since at home microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure unlike cosmetic surgery, this is a lot safer nevertheless effective. And since it only removes the topmost layer of the skin it is not painful and only leaves a slight rawness or redness to the skin afterwards and can actually be exposed to water or liquids just a few hours after the procedure. Although it is not advisable to be exposed to sunlight or any heat that might irritate the skin. It is also important to do it religiously so that the smoothness of the skin will be maintained and to ensure that the outermost skin cells are continuously renewed.

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